Library Shows


Library Shows

Here are the library performances available for 2023. Stories, STEAM, and Climate Action! All programs suitable for the CSLP theme of All Together Now, or iRead theme of Find Your Voice.

Kamishibai for Climate Change Kamishibai is Japanese Paper Theater, with story cards helping to tell the story. There are so many stories that you can read about of people who found their voice and spoke out for the environment, from books right at the library! These stories can give us keys to helping the environment and reversing climate change. And two important keys are kindness and social justice. A story program for all ages.

Stories For Learning to Read Better Having a hard time being able to read or just learning how? Stories can teach us successful ways to get better at reading. Practice retelling a story, acting out words, making word caterpillars, and hearing stories that help you figure out words in the English language. For pre-school and elementary age children.

Gardens for Change: How to Grow Plants to Help the Planet You can grow a garden to reverse the effects of climate change, even if all you do is grow plants in pots! Books available at the library tell us stories of people around the world who have grown gardens and changed communities and the planet. Listen to the stories and learn how you can plant seeds of change in the environment. Take home free seeds! For all ages.

The Circle of Life: Stories That Teach Us How to Reverse Climate Change Impossible to reverse climate change? No. Daunting to attempt? Yes. Something we can do? Absolutely, if many people join in. How do we know this? Stories tell us. Listen to stories from many cultures about the cycles of life and how we can repair them if they are disrupted. Have conversations about the many things we can do to help the planet recover. Find your voice to speak out for helping the planet. Suitable for all ages 5 years and up.


Local (Monterey, San Benito, Santa Cruz counties)

$250 one program, $450 for two programs the same day, $700 for three programs, $950 for four programs the same day at the same or nearby libraries

Bay Area, Central, and Coast counties

$300 one program, $550 two programs the same day, $850 for three programs, $1,100 for four programs at the same or nearby libraries

Out of Town, more than 125 miles away from Monterey, CA (Travel expenses to be determined.)

$350 for one program, $650 for two programs, $1,000 for three programs, $1300 for four programs. Programs can be at one library or several nearby libraries, over a span of a few days.